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Bpsc Non Cadre Exam Details

non cadre exam information
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Bpsc Non Cadre Examination

In accordance with the requirements of minitries of peoples republic of Bangladesh bpsc arrange exam for non cadre jobs. BCS cadres are first class job, non cadres may first class or, second class. For non cadre the starting posts are 9th grade abd 10th grade. If the number of applicant is less than 1000 only written and viva exams are taken. If the nuber exceed 1000 beside those preliminary exam is held to reduce the number of applicants. Take a look at the syllebus for preliminary exam-

Non Cadre Preliminary Syllebus
Syllebus for preliminary Non Cadre Exam

200 marks is estimated for both grades. Viva of 100 marks for 9th grade and viva of 50 marks for 10th grade is fixed. You can apply online. For publishing final result post distribution principle is followed. See the latest and accurate information from the frame below(the information shown on bpsc website)-

According to the information provided by BPSC a huge number of examinees are appeared for exam. The possibity for doing well in exam is equal for all. Why don't you try?
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