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BCS Examination System Details

Bangladesh Civil Service Exam

What Is BCS and Why It Is?

Bangladesh public service comission arrange an exam for appointing peoples to government job according to qualification. The exam(only 1st class) is termed as BCS or, Bangladesh Civil Service Exam. The consequence was first created by British Raj and then it was continued in Pakistan period. The process is still running in independent Bangladesh.

Total number of 27 cadres are appointed through this exam. According to vacancy Bpsc and Public Adminstration Ministry creted a list with combined effort and publish it as notice. Almost 4 week is allocated for registration.

Minimum Qualification For BCS Exam
At least Masters degree or, 4 academic years of study from a recognized educatinal institution. If you have more than one third class in carrier, you will be disqualified for appearing in the exam. Beside those criterion-

  • After completing all the written exams in Honours you can apply for BCS as appeared. But the result of the exam must be published before BCS preliminary exam.  
  • You need to submit all of your provisional or, main certificate to comission before viva. 
Age Limit
  • At least 21 yers and at most 30(For tribal community 32). Peoples who are bound to this age limit can apply for BCS. The  first day of the month in which the circular is published will be considered for calculating age of the applicant.
  • For calculating age SSC certificate or, recognized proof will be considered.
The latest and most authentic information are shown on the frame below or continue reading-

Do I Need Money To Buy Form 
700 Taka for all as examination fees. 100 taka Physically disable, tribal community and ethnic minority.

Preliminary Examination And Mark Distrubution
An MCQ exam of 200 marks for 2 hours will be held. The mark you obtaing for a correct answer, half of it will be deduced for wrong answer. 1 marks for correct answer and -0.5 marks for wrong answer. Be sure before answering, pretending will result in loss. See the syllebus below-

Syllebus for BCS Preliminary Exam
(Click the image for enlargement)

Written And Viva Mark Distribution
Those who can qualify preliminary exam will be able to appear in written exam. See the subjects and marks for both cadres(for all)-

Syllebus For BCS written exam
(Click the image for enlargement)
Total 900 marks is allocated for written exam for all. For professional cadre you need to appear another exam of 200 marks on your job related topics.
Only those who can qualify in written will be able to appear on viva exam.

Very Important For Mark Distribution
An exam of 200 marks will be held for 4 hours and exam of 100 marks for 3 hours. If you get less than 30 marks it will be considered as zero. 
To qualify in written you need to get at least 50% marks over all. Yes, average of all the subject.

Consecuence For Appointment
The examinee who can qualify all the exams, the best according to marks in exam will be recommended by Bpsc. You can be recommended for BCS General, BCS Professional or both.
According to govenment rule 45% all posts are allocated for general examinee and 55% is allocated for different quotas.

After that medical test, police report and at last approval from president of our country the public adminstration ministry will send you to relavent ministry for joining.

Those who don't get any cadre adter qualifying all the exam will be recommended for first class non cadre jobs. After that others will be recommended for second class government jobs. 
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